Does Credit Affect Your Lease?

If you’re curious about a new GMC Terrain lease, the talented dealers at LaFontaine Buick GMC Highland are here to help. However, many drivers who visit our Buick and GMC dealership in Highland, MI are curious about how credit impacts the process.
While credit does play a significant role in applying for an auto lease, our staff can still help you find the best deal possible.

Before we get into the details surrounding credit scores and leases, we figured it’d be good to cover the differences between leases and auto loans. The best way to determine the difference is that auto loans tend to last longer than auto leases.
Say for instance, you want to sign an auto loan on a new GMC Sierra 1500, you’ll be expected to pay the full value of the vehicle. Alternatively, if you sign an auto lease, you can return the vehicle after the year or two length of the lease and get another brand-new vehicle.
So, how does your credit score affect the details of your lease?

Credit Scores and Auto Leases

What is the importance of your credit score? Well, a credit score is a number that financial institutions use to determine the credit trustworthiness of a car buyer. Often times, the better your credit score the better your final auto deal will be. This is true of both auto loans and leases.
That being said, no matter your credit score you can still receive a great auto lease with the help of our team of dealers. We’ll work with your budget and financial institutions to help you get the best auto lease deal possible.

Signing an Auto Lease with Our Buick and GMC Dealers

When you visit with our Buick and GMC dealers serving Wixom, MI we’ll ensure that you get a five-star car buying and leasing experience. From start to finish, our staff at LaFontaine Buick GMC Highland will work with you, your budget, and your needs to find the car that satisfies your every auto need.